Jack heads out of town for a weekend and Bug gets sick. Or so the story goes. This past weekend was no different. Jack was off to Vegas and Bug’s nose started to run. And run. And run. Restless Saturday night led to a Sunday of runny nose and coughing. Several times it occurred to me that she could be teething, she was chewing on everything in sight, but how is that different than usual?

After a fun-filled Sunday that included finger painting pumpkins (check out Flickr) she was quite exhausted and wanted to fall asleep had 6. Given our restless Saturday night I played with her until 7 and let her pass out on me. I thought for sure she might sleep through the night, but no. I could hear the congestion, she was having trouble breathing through her nose, but didn’t want to give up the binky. So once again I was in her room about every hour helping her to reposition herself so she could breath and sleep. Then at 1:30am, just like the night before, she thought it was time to get up and play.AHHHHHHHHHH! Finally at 2:30 I had her back asleep and was cursing her cold.

She slept restlessly until about 7am at which point we got up and got ready for day care. I took her and noticed another extremely runny nose on a baby. The culprit! I played for a few minutes and off to work I went. At 3pm I got the “just a head’s up she’s running a fever” call so I left at 4 and picked her up early. She did seem a little under the weather, but came home and we played away anyway. And her nose ran a lot less than it had the day before. Interesting. As she was starting to wind down this evening around 7:30 I made her dinner and she gobbled it down. When she finished I grabbed he little toothbrush and massaged her two front teeth and her gums. Or so I thought…

What’s that rough spot on the top?????????? Sure enough, there is a little tooth poking through. Not in the top middle, but the top off to her left. I can’t tell if it’s one of the outer incisors or a canine. But it is definitely another tooth poking through. My restless weekend is suddenly clear and fully explained. I swear that tooth wasn’t there yesterday.

And now for the even funnier part… baby G, her “cousin”, popped through his first tooth this weekend. Possibly in the same spot, not confirmed yet. Just how silly is that?