I had confirmed for me yesterday that Caitlin is next in line to move from Infant I to Infant II at daycare. Woo hoo!!! Even though there are two other babies older than her, she is next in line because she crawls on all fours, pulls up and does well with the solids we are giving her. Normally the transition time is between 9 and 12 months, so she has at least one more month in Infant I, but the time is coming. Once she hits 9 months and they have a spot off she goes!

I’m excited for her as the two girls that seem to be her BFFs at daycare have moved to Infant II (they’re 3 – 4 months older than her). One moved almost a month ago and the other moved this week. Now Caitlin no longer has a partner in crime when it comes to taking binkies, bottles and toys from the other babies. Soon, though, she will be back in her element, but with 10 or 11 other babies that can crawl or walk.

Other big news is that tonight we’ll try the transition from stage 2 food to stage 3. Starting with Chicken Noodle Dinner. Eep!

She is growing up soooo fast.