Since we downsized on the bottles a little, Bug still seemed hungry after her evening bottle last night. I decided to venture back into the world of solids by grabbing pears from the pantry. She sniffed the spoon, decided it seemed OK and devoured them. Yay!

As we wrapped up the pears she still seemed like she wanted something more. Dare I grab the puffs? Thinking bland I reached for the sweet corn puffs. I opened the bottle and held a little star shaped puff out for her to examine, she turned her head away. Hmm. I held it under her nose; she looked at me curiously, opened her mouth and cautiously took the puff. She slowly started to chew/gum it and then suddenly a gigantic smile spread across her face. She was ravenous. Twenty-five puffs later I finally had to cut her off. Sure, a serving size is 61 freakin’ puffs, but given the belly issues she’s been having I wanted to take it easy.

This morning I tried handing her a puff again and she lunged at the container. I swear puffs are like crack for babies. It would appear her appetite is returning and she is the on the up and up. Relief.

In other cuteness news, Jack has holding her this morning while singing and having her dance along. She was smiling and seemingly singing along too. It was adorable. She may have just been trying to tell him he was crazy, but it was very “sing song” so I’m thinking she was singing along.