We thought we were in the clear. A couple days with no projectile stuff and then this morning after her bottle, ewwwwwwwwww. Off to the doctor we go for the morning Ill Child hours. I run through everything: how often it’s been, less of an appetite, no desire for puffs (insanity!), not wanting solids, loose stools, you name it. The part that didn’t fit in is that she is happy baby that continues to laugh, play and act like nothing happened almost immediately after getting sick. No fever, no dehydration, no other weird symptoms that indicate stomach virus. Sure, she’s toned it down a little probably due to not being 100%, but still acting very normal. The conclusion, likely related to reflux. Her spitting up had reduced enough we thought we were finally moving on from reflux, but it appears this may be further symptoms of. Joy!

Now we get to start adding Little Tummys back into her bottles and tracking how often she “projectile spits up”. If it continues to be daily or every few days they may have her tummy checked out or put her on medication (Zantac). I really hope that whatever is going on passes and we get back to normal. I want my baby back on her puffs!