More teeth are on their way, the topside this time. I imagine it’s going to be about the same timing that the bottom teeth had as they once again seemed to bother her a lot on Saturday and that night she woke up very unhappy. Let me tell you, it is difficult as a mother to listen to your baby cry like that and know that there is nothing much you can do. Orajel and Infant Motrin are my friends. Luckily she was seemingly better Sunday and has continued to be fine. She’s eating a little differently, which makes me think her gums are tender, yet last night after dinner loved the toothbrush. I guess it somehow felt good.

Beyond that she is a crawling machine. Don’t look away for more than 2 seconds because she will disappear. Last night she was in front of the couch one second and then behind it by the stairs the next. I bought an organizer for her toys that now resides behind the couch and she seemingly has discovered the location. She also likes to play under the end table in the living room. Crazy baby. I have pictures to post tonight.

Pulling up is still a must in her world. If I’m standing she crawls over and immediately starts to pull up on me. She does this to the couch, her larger toys, everything. Two nights ago I was sitting on the floor by the couch and she pulled up on me, put her hands on the couch and then pushed back and let go. She stood for about 5 seconds smiling before grabbing the couch again. Eep! Shall we start placing bets on when we think she’ll start walking?

I have started baby proofing a little. All electrical outlets in the living room now have plugs in them. We have a baby gate that will probably go up this coming weekend. Soon a new entertainment center will be purchased (needed anyway) to hide cords and other Caitlin inappropriate items. I can’t believe we’re already baby proofing, it seemed like it was still so far off. Time sneaks up on you when you have a baby.