Caitlin just rolled, or rather crawled, into 7 months. That’s right, 9/11/08 was seven months. I know, I can’t believe it either. Some of what she’s been doing:

– Crawling on all fours. Say good bye to the military crawl.

– Teething. I felt her first two teeth (in the bottom) on Thursday night. I’d heard sometimes they go back in and then resurface again, but that has not happened.

– She had “puffs” for the first time. Solids that she can actually chew on. At first she just smashed them with her hands, but now she loves them.

– Standing. She loves pulling up to standing when near some of her taller toys. She doesn’t have a ton of balance, but she doesn’t care.

– Babbling. She plays and babbles out of control. Talk, talk, talk. It’s sooooo cute!

– Tonight we played with a transition cup (kind of sippy cup, kind of bottle) full of water. She loved it.

– Tomorrow we’ll experiment with brushing her gums and two little baby teeth that are peeking through.

Yep, lots going on. Pics on Flickr.