Indeed, she really is 6 months old. She is scooting around like mad and ever so close to crawling. She pushes up on all fours quite often, but hasn’t figured out how to combine that with moving. As of Wednesday this past week she also is sitting up on her own. Amazing, I tell ya.

Yesterday was her 6 month appointment. She is now 18 lbs, 7.5 ozs (93rd percentile) and 28.5 inches long (over the 97th percentile again). We also laugh that her head is catching up finally. It was previously in the 45th percentile and is now in the 60th. When she was born it was in the 25th.

Every day she is more expressive and more adorable 🙂 She is getting more cuddly and loves to fall asleep on us with her binky now. No need to walk endlessly, just cuddle and sleep. Speaking of sleep, she’s slept through night every night this past week. To bed by 9pm and up around 6am. It’s awesome. She will probably transition to her crib sometime in the next week as a result.

Yesterday the doctor and the intern both asked if she was always so happy or if it was just the day (she passes out smiles like they’re candy on halloween) and we were proud to say it’s just how she is. She is indeed one happy, happy baby.