In the past two weeks our little Caitlin has had so many “firsts” it’s hard to keep up!

– She had her hair cut for the first time! Technically I just trimmed her bangs to get them out of her face.
– She had her first trip to the Zoo 🙂
– She figured out how to pull herself forward on her arms. She has spinning in circles down!
– She tried bananas and carrots. Not at the same time.
– She stood up supported to a degree. I was standing her up next to her rain forest and she was holding the cross beams for support. I had my hands near her waist just in case her knees decided to let go. She was so very excited about standing!
– She rode in her first minivan… hahahahah. (Grammy & Skippy’s rental)
– She rode in her stroller as we walked along the river in downtown Columbus. Although she slept through the whole walk.
– She’s developing the first bump in her gum line. Teething here we come!
– She had her first trip out to the country. Probably the longest ride she’s been on yet. And we spent a ton of time outside. Hooray for fresh air!

I’m sure there’s more, but this is what I remember right now. This coming weekend will be her first Irish Festival. She was there last year, but she wouldn’t remember as she was still in the womb 🙂

Her next wellness appt is on 8/15/08, I’m looking forward to getting her updated stats. I’m not looking forward to the vaccinations.

Oh, and lots of new pictures soon on Flickr. Grammy and Skippy were just here so many pictures were had!