Caitlin’s pseudo cousin “G” has arrived. He technically wasn’t supposed to be here until July 12th, but apparently was a little stressed out and decided it was time to leave the womb. He arrived today apparently 4 pounds and screaming 🙂 He’ll be staying in the NICU for a bit since he is so early, but all is expected to be fine.

Why is he a “pseudo” cousin? Because he is my best friend’s son. We refere to them as her aunt and uncle, so that makes him her cousin. That should keep them from dating, right?

Anyway, I couldn’t be happier for my closest friends on earth. My eyes were watery yesterday when they told me they were on their way to the hospital. Excited, nervous, anxious, excited, excited… did I say excited? Yeah. You’d think he was my son given how emotional this is making me. Damn I love those two to pieces. I can’t wait to find my way to San Diego to meet their latest addition.