She rolled over on her own tonight. She had been trying lately and last night spent a lot of time trying with a little assistance two times to get her over. Today I picked her up at day care and there was a note on her daily sheet indicating that she’d spent a lot of time trying to roll over and kept getting close. Oh my!

Well, tonight we played on the floor again and once again she was trying. Jack showed her that her arm was in the way, he slid it across the blanket a little and she finished rolling over. We did tummy time a little and I put her on her back again. Within minutes she was trying to roll over again! Her bottom arm was raised a little more this time and she got damn close. I helped her the tiniest amount by shifting her arm a small amount and she did the rest, she was over again! A little tummy time and back on her back. Before long she gave it another go. This time we let her figure it out on her own and VOILA! she was over. Oh. my. gawd. My baby just rolled over!

I’m beside myself.