We’ve been a bit busy lately so we apologize for the silence. The good news is that there are new pictures on Flickr! Check them out.

Day care has been going well. They look forward to seeing what Caitlin is wearing each day and they are all in awe of the fact that Jack used to work for CD101. I look forward to picking Caitlin up each day for the obvious reasons and for a little interaction with other mommies. All in all, we’re falling into our routine.

Caitlin’s finger paint from her first week there!

Caitlin is getting bigger every day it seems. We don’t have another appointment until 4 months, but I tried to weigh her (weighed myself alone and then holding her) and she is between 14 and 15 pounds! Then I tried to measure here and she is somewhere around 24.5 to 25 inches long I think. Not a small baby for 3 months, but very proportionate. She is right on track to be a tall girlie.

She is also doing an awesome job holding her head up on her own for the most part. She loves sitting up on our laps and she actually tries to pull her head up when we lean her back on the Boppy. I may get her one of those seats that allows her to sit up on her own (I know they were recalled, but that was to add warning labels for people that were using them stupidly). She’s also starting to learn to hold on to things. When we fold her fingers around her rings, rattles and keys she actually holds on sometimes. I actually had her holding on to one of them for a good 5 minutes the other night!


We’re slowly working on tummy time. She did great with it yesterday and we will continue to work on it a little every day. She doesn’t push up with her arms yet, but she now pulls her head up a little more. I suspect she’ll start pushing up on her arms sooner than later.

We are also reading books daily when we get home from day care. Right now Olivia is at the top of the list. I may need to get a few others in the series.

And that is pretty much the update. It’s almost 11pm, Jack is upstairs sick and sleeping, Caitlin is knocked out in her pack n’ play. I’m finishing up Lost and then off to bed myself.

Until next time!