We all survived! Not that there was any doubt about whether or not we would, but everything went very smoothly.

Sunday night none of slept very well. Caitlin slept, but very restlessly and it kept us up quite a bit. Add in there a little preemptive separation anxiety and worrying about all the work I had looming and you get the idea of about how much sleep I got. Nonetheless, I rolled out of bed yesterday at 6am and got ready for work like I’d never been gone. The only difference is that when I came down the stairs at 7am I had a smiley little one waiting for me. We had 30 minutes of time to hang out, make faces at each other and play in general. It was awesome. Caitlin was in a perfect mood.

Jack took Caitlin to day care. I can’t thank him enough. It was much easier to give her kisses at home and head to work than to drop her off and try to leave. Even though Jack had been leaving us already every morning for work, it was still hard for him to leave her with someone other than me. Although this was made slightly easier by the fact that Caitlin was more interested in her lion car seat toy (referred to as “OMG! LION!”) than anything else when it was time for him to go.

Here is her first day report (larger image on Flickr) :
Day Care Report
Day Care Report 2

As you can see, she had a very happy day. I only checked my phone twice to make sure no one had called, so I think I did pretty well too 😉

I picked her up at 5:15pm. She was swaddled up and had just fallen asleep. I packed up her empty bottles and then picked her up out of her crib and cuddled a little until she woke up. She fussed a little when I put her in the car seat… she didn’t want to go home! I picked her up again and the fussing stopped, she wanted to be held. We came home, she ate, we played, we shared smiles. Very successful first day.

And the reason I am updating so late, midnight feeding. She was rocking out while I was holding the bottle. I looked down, saw her rockin’ hand and couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Rockin Bottle