Tomorrow is a huge day. Caitlin starts day care and I head back to work. We went by the day care center on Friday (Jack included) and dropped off a few items. We met one of the ladies that works in the infant room and a little boy named Liam. Poor guy is 10 months and still doesn’t have hair! Needless to say tomorrow will be interesting. Her bag is already packed with 2 changes of clothes, a board book, sunscreen (she doesn’t need it yet, but in a few months she’ll participate in daily rides/walks), and a blanket. Tomorrow I’ll add her bottles and binky. We dropped off her diapers and wipes on Friday. Eep!

Speaking of her binky (pacifier for those not familiar with babies πŸ™‚ ), i had to go online and order a few more. She LOVES the pacifier given to her in the hospital and so far has not taken to the 2 others we have. I have a fear of her losing it at the day care center so I ordered a few more that will hopefully be here sooner than later. While she does not constantly have the binky in her mouth, she does on occasion need it.

And I apologize for not having update much since having the plague, aka rotavirus. As soon as we were better we had company in town. My friend Monica was here visiting and I hadn’t seen her since 2000. Then my parents arrived the next day and Kerry/Bishop two days after that. Add in there a Baptism and after-party and you can imagine that free time was scarce. Pictures are up on Flickr as expected.

I have a few more pictures to upload from this past week. Every time I look at our darling little Caitlin I can’t believe how much she has changed in just a mere 10 weeks. Now she wakes up, flutters her eyes and smiles at me as she tries to fully wake up. The smiles are killer and make my heart overflow. We easily sit for an hour at a time making faces at each other, me talking, her cooing and giggling. Jack today was laughing at our silly conversation. He was also laughing that I knew all the songs that her new Fisher Price Rain Forest play gym plays in the order that they are played. Yeah, she kinda sorta loves that thing.

I should probably take advantage of a napping baby and grab some dinner. Tomorrow is going to be weird. Wish me luck!