Caitlin had an awesome afternoon yesterday. We actually went from 8am yesterday to 4am today without any bad diapers! Such a relief. Of course she has had three today, but they aren’t what they were on Sunday. I think she is definitely getting better. She was also very alert and playful yesterday. Sometimes she is so adorable words cannot describe. Because she was so alert and interacting a ton during the afternoon she crashed around 8pm and let me get a lot of sleep. We got up at 11pm (back to bed by midnight) and then at 4am, heading back to bed at 6am. We didn’t actually get out of bed until 9am this morning. I definitely feel like I am on the mend also, but still avoiding solid foods. Broth is my friend. I’m really hoping that by tomorrow we’ll both be almost 100%.

Ironically I was going to start dieting (watching my calories) this week as I’ve not been good about losing the last of my pregnancy weight. As much as this virus sucks it has certainly kick started my weight loss!