That is what Caitlin has and now what I have too. Pretty much all kids get it between the ages of 3 months and 5 years, Caitlin is obviously an overachiever. And 50% of adults catch it from their children (it’s extremely contagious), so I’m in luck too. While we are having less messy diapers, I had projectile vomit at 3am last night. Nothing like trying to bathe a baby at 3:30am on your own (Jack is in Cleveland for work until late Wednesday). Fortunately she was awesome during the bath and didn’t give me any trouble. So now we’re doing smaller feedings more frequently. Oh yeah, did I mention there is nothing you can do but let the virus run it’s course?

On my side I started feeling achy yesterday afternoon. I took Tylenol and tried to ignore it. My tummy started feeling really funky around 5pm so I had an early dinner and chalked it up to the fact I only had 2.5 hours of sleep the night before. Well, I’ve had abdominal cramping off and on since last night and about an hour ago joined Caitlin and I to got to puke, but not projectile. Ahh yes, we are having fun now!

I called poor Jack and he is trying to figure out how to come home early, I advised him not too since there is a chance of him catching it too. Instead his mom is coming over, rubber gloves and all, to help try and disinfect the house.

Rumor is this can take 7 – 9 days to run it’s course, I’m hoping it doesn’t last nearly that long. One last thing… we get the vaccination for this next week at her 2 month appointment. While it does not take away the risk of catching it, it does stop it 75% of the time. Oh yeah, and this is not one of those “get it once and never again” things. It’s like a cold, you can always catch it again.

Off to cuddle in sickness with my baby. I feel much worse for her (not that I didn’t before) now that I am presumably feeling what she is. The abdominal cramps are the nastiest part in my opinion.