That is Caitlin for the past 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon after getting our taxes done she broke out with an explosive diaper. They happen once in awhile, so no big deal, right? Then she gave us another one a few hours later after another bottle. Gross. Still not concerned, though. The remainder of the evening was just wetness per usual so I assumed all was OK.

Forward to 2:30 am. I fed her around 1:30 and she seemed to be drifting off while drinking down the formula, but then was very fussy and alert afterwards. This would be the result of her making me the most explosive diaper ever! EEEWWWWWWWW!!!! Add in there that she peed on me while I was changing it and you get the gist of how wonderful life was in the middle of the night. I took her temperature, 99.5, not quite a fever. No other weird symptoms to be worried about so back to bed we went.

Since that diaper we’ve had 3 more explosive diapers (baby diarrhea is gross). Six total within 24 hours. I was concerned after number 4 this morning. Finally called the doctor this afternoon. Because she is not feverish, not vomiting, not dehydrated (as she peed on me again this afternoon while I was changing her and she had two wet diapers today), it seems she just has a little bug in her intestines that has to run its course. Fun!

And as I wrap this up she is squirming again, her legs are tensing up and her face is red (cuz she’s pushing). Here we go again, about an hour after her last bottle. Sucks that there is nothing I can do for her 😦 Only advice the doctor gave is maybe switching her to soy in case there is a lactose intolerance going on, however we already have her on sensitive formula that is milk based, but with no lactose. Guess we’ll give it a try if this doesn’t ease up before bed.

Our poor baby girl… off to change another diaper.