Hey, Caitlin here. Chillin’ in the sling on mommy’s front. I think she’s hoping I’ll take a nap. Really I just want her to walk around and sing to me more. She sings some really silly songs.

I had my one month wellness appointment last week. I am now 9lbs 2.5 ozs and a whopping 22.25 inches long. I have supermodel long legs, jealous? Of course I was manhandled and cold at the appointment, not fun. Then they poked me in the thigh to give me a Hepatitis B shot! To think mommy told me I wouldn’t have any shots until the two month appointment. Of course I paid her back by not letting her sleep…

Today we had another adventure up to mommy’s doctor for her six week check-up. I, admittedly, slept in the car and the whole five minutes we were at the doctor’s office. Something about the doctor having to leave to deliver a baby. Mommy says we have to go back on Tuesday. Yay! I love car rides.

Really not much else going on. I like to be held, I like it when I’m sung to and I’ve been interacting more with mommy lately when I’m awake and not fussy. Not that I am ever fussy. I just try to mix it up for her so she’s not bored during the day. I absolutely rule when it comes to little smiles and looking coy. Did I mention I like to stare at daddy’s hair?

I think it should be time to eat soon. Really, it must be time again. It’s been at least 30 minutes…

So what’s new with you?