By date today is Caitlin’s one month, however I feel it was really yesterday and that the leap year threw us off! Tomorrow is her one month well appointment at the doctor, hopefully all goes as expected. I’ll be asking a lot about GERD and gas as she continue to have problems with what seems to be pain and discomfort after feedings.

In other news, Jack was offered a job today! And he starts tomorrow. Which means I’ll be taking Caitlin out on my own for the first time when we head to the doctor. I’m not so concerned about it, I just need to get the car seat adapter moved over to my car. What concerns me more is that we now have to find daycare as it turns out the job is Mon – Fri, 9 – 5. While I’m sure we can find suitable daycare, it makes me a little sad as I wish I could stay home with her until she was.. umm… ready for kindergarten? Yeah, I said it. I wish I could be a stay at home mom until she was a little older. Never thought I would say (type) that, did ya? If only I could work from home.

I’ll start looking into daycare this week. They advise you arrange it prior to giving birth, but we hadn’t anticipated needing it. Hopefully we’ll have some luck and not only find an opening, but find a place/someone that I feel 100% comfortable leaving my newborn with. Ugh, the first time I have to leave her with someone is going to be hard, very hard.

Further updates tomorrow once we’ve been to the doctor. Probably some pictures too.