The one thing I wanted for my birthday is the one thing I didn’t get. I know, that sounds completely ungrateful, but it is the one thing every new parent desires. The one thing I wanted was a decent night’s sleep. Instead I went to bed around 11 and Caitlin had me up from 12:30 – 2:45. She was completly out at 2:45am, but at 3am realized she was hungry/ dirty and had me up and jumping through hoops once more. Jack took over around 3:30 and I wandered off to bed. Well, 6:30am meant she was hungry again and once again I am up. It would be awesome if it was just a feeding, diaper change and back to bed, but she is 100% awake. Adorable, but awake.

So here I sit, on my 35th birthday at almost 7:30am with no further sleep in sight until tonight. I’m exhausted. Happy Birthday.

One of my presents is Jack taking Caitlin to Grandma Pat’s for a few hours while I run out and get my Mac fixed and hair cut. I would have traded sleep for those things. I’m very thankful, though, to have time to get my hair cut. It has been a year and it’s driving me insane.

That’s all I’ve got. I truly hope I am less grumpy by the time Courtney, Andrea and Nick stop by this evening.