I may jinx myself, but the past few days have seemed easier and we seem to be falling into a routine. The acid reflux seems to be a bit more under control with a change in formula (ready made/sensitive) and bottles. This is a welcome change. It’s not completely gone, but she isn’t quite wailing like a banshee at feedings anymore. Although her wailing is not nearly as bad as some that I’ve heard so I feel fortunate.

She also passed the thyroid blood test we took her in for on Sunday. Apparently when she was tested after birth (within 24 hours of ) the levels were high so a retest was needed. Let me tell you, watching a lab tech draw blood from your baby’s foot is no fun and the little one likes it even less. It was heart breaking to listen to Caitlin cry and know there was nothing I could do as the test was needed. Fortunately the car ride home soothed her back into a deep sleep and all was forgiven.

Speaking of the little one, she is lounging next to me in her boppy pillow and starting to get fussy. Looks like it’s feeding time! (when is it not feeding time? Oh yeah, when it’s diaper changing time)