Friday February 15th was our first doctor appointment and all went well. Caitlin was born at 7 lbs, 12 ozs and left the hospital at 7lbs, 2oz. As of the 15th she had dropped one more ounce so the focus of the appointment was food. Unfortunately my breasts seem to be drier than the Sahara Desert so breast feeding quickly became a non-option, off on the formula path we were.

The bigger news was that the doctor has another patient (or rather parent of) that is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon specializing in hands. She promised to give him a call and get us a referral so we could discuss our options around Caitlin’s left hand. Talk about luck!

Everything else seemed to be in check and we scheduled a second appointment for February 22nd to check her weight again.

Well between then and today we’ve had our hands full around feeding. We got off to a great start and Caitlin seemed happily satiated after each bottle. Then Wednesday morning we had what Jack has coined the “Captain Howdy Moment” (think Exorcist). I had gotten up and fed her around 6 in the morning and then brought her back upstairs for a little more sleep. I put her down in the bassinet and climbed back into bed. Not 5 minutes later she made a noise and followed it with what seemed like a massive amount of projectile spit-up. Ick. I got her up, cleaned her, changed her, burped her, rocked her and put her back down. All seemed OK. Then not 5 minutes later she did it again! Ewwwww! We went through the same routine, but this time I did not put her back down, we just got up. Of course there was one more outfit change about an hour later when she wet through her diaper and clothes. I think she wanted to try on all her pretty clothes.

That turned out to be the worst of it as far as spit-up goes, but she still was very unhappy not long after each bottle. My first though, lactose intolerance. Then we thought maybe she was constipated or having a gas issue. As we quickly learned with a baby it could be any number of things. Well, the rest of the day went fine until the evening rolled around. We fed her close to 9pm and she was really fussy afterward. We thought maybe she was still hungry so we fed her more an hour later. Still fussy. Waited another hour and fed her a tiny bit more. No relief in sight, she was crying, kicking, arching her back and just not happy. Jack got up and rocked with her for an hour trying to calm her into sleep. As soon as she was drowsy he put her down and she woke up fussing again. My turn to rock her to sleep. I think finally at 1am sleep was attained.

Thursday continued the fussiness after eating and we continued to watch her and observe to try and figure out what was up. Finally, last night while we were dealing with an unhappy baby again, we determined it was reflux. She had all the symptoms and most of the solutions I was already starting to do and she was finding comfort in them. Knowing that we had a doctor appointment today we just had to get through the night.

Sure enough, when we met with the doctor today she agreed that it sounded like a reflux issue. Apparently many babies have this problem and it peaks at 4 – 6 weeks and then gets better. Medication can be prescribed, however it’s better to try and relieve it naturally first, which we have opted to do. Fun!

Caitlin has also put her weight back on; she is back up at 7lbs 12.5ozs. Hooray! So the formula is doing what it needs to do, we just have to experiment a little to find one that makes her reflux a little less crazy.

We were also given the referral to the orthopedic doctor. We’ll be making an appointment for when she is 5 – 6 weeks old. The best part is that the focus will be therapy to ensure that she works with what she has regardless of what may or may not be able to be done.

Beyond that all is moving right along. She sleeps in 3 – 4 hour bouts which means we actually get sleep at night and she is typically not a fussy baby except when reflux is causing her discomfort.

Did I mention her umbilical cord fell off? Bath time is about to get much easier 🙂