Born Monday at 8:46pm, 7lbs 12 ozs, 21 inches long. Adorable as ever.

Lots of details, you’ve been warned.

Apparently my last post mentioning her arriving over the weekend was almost true. My water broke Monday morning at 2am, but I was apparently in denial. I felt a pop in my side during my nightly bathroom run and thought it was Caitlin kicking me. I went back to bed, felt a little gush and thought I had peed myself. Went back to the bathroom and I was a little wet, but nothing that made me think my water had broken. 6am I got up and started getting ready for work. As I walked around the house I noticed a few more gushes occurring. Was I suddenly incontinent? Then I had a rather large one and decided it was time to call the doctor and finish packing my half packed bag. Guess it was time to wake Jack too, right? I head to the bathroom, start drying my hair, breathing heavy after racing up the stairs and Jack asks if I am doing my labor breathing… “No, I think my water broke, calling the doc soon.” Now Jack was up too. Sure enough, I called the doctor and was told to head to the hospital. Note that I have said nothing about contractions. There weren’t any. Some cramping like feeling during the night, but nothing else.

We arrived at St. Ann’s around 8am, they checked me in and sent me to triage to determine if my water had really broken. By the time a nurse got to me my pants were soaked. Gross. Still no contractions, but I was 3 cm dilated. I was sent up to Labor & Delivery and assigned a room. We spent from 8:30am until 11am walking the halls of Labor & Delivery to try and get contractions to start. No such luck, pictocin was administered to get the labor moving since now the risk of infection was becoming a concern. By 11:30 contractions were starting and I was handling them well. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Then I got to 4.5 cms and was having a hard time catching my breath to even try and breathe through them. Jack did what every good husband should, he ordered my epidural. The more interesting part is that as they were administering the epidural I was having a contraction and the machine decided it was time to check my blood pressure. Needless to say I had so much going on I barely noticed the epidural being administered.

At this point it was 2:30pm and it was becoming a waiting game. The contractions were manageable and I was bed ridden for the remainder of the labor. Jack and I hung out and watched some incredibly bad TV until about 5:50pm. Of course Jack was busy calling and texting people with updates during this time too.

At 5:50pm the pushing began. I had no idea what I was in for. We had been waiting all afternoon for the baby to drop further, but I still had a ways to go. I pushed approximately every three minutes from 5:50pm until 8:46pm. I pushed through cramps and tiredness just out of the sheer desire to meet my baby girl. I was told that most first time moms give up after about an hour and ask for assistance. I guess I was a bit more determined. At about 8:30pm we knew we were close and my epidural was running out. They could see the top of her head and we were almost there. There was one little spot blocking my way so I agreed to an episiotomy. Sure enough, Caitlin was born on the next push. There are no words that can describe the sensation of giving birth and having the baby exit the birth canal. There are also no words that can describe the feeling of holding her immediately thereafter. I think all Jack and I could do was cry.

Everything about Caitlin is perfect, down to her slightly undeveloped left hand (due to amniotic band syndrome). She is adorable, gorgeous, magnificent… you name it. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a proud mama, she really is just that cute!

At this point we’ve been home since noon Wednesday. All is going very well. We’ve had our “what are we supposed to do???” moments, but have figured everything out fairly well. Caitlin tends to sleep in long stretches at night so we are actually getting rest and not exhausted all the time. She’s been fussy off and on due to some eating issues (breast milk not in yet), but we have an intermediate solution while that works itself out. She’s been quite the angel and so far everything is going extremely well.

And I have to say, Daddy is doing an excellent job of making sure that Mommy is fed, baby laundry is getting done, and taking over when mommy needs a potty break or just a break to get something done. I’m damn lucky 🙂

Pictures are currently up on Flickr. I have them set so only friends and family can see them. If you are interested in viewing them sign up for Flickr (it’s free!) and add me as a contact (Voxless) and I’ll give you access. Here are a few:

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