As of Wednesday I am 1cm dilated and Caitlin has started her descent, however she was at -3 (station). Not really low, but lower than she was the previous week. My doctor still says it is unlikely I will go into labor before week 39 which starts next Wednesday.

It’s actually been a tough week pregnancy wise. Monday evening I wasn’t feeling well (sour stomach), Tuesday night I slept horribly and was awake for what seemed to be half the night. Wednesday I actually called into work for the first time during my entire pregnancy due to something pregnancy related. I was incredibly fatigued, my stomach felt awful no matter how much or little I ate and I had a screaming headache. I spent most of the morning lazing around on the couch and then took a nap in the afternoon before seeing the doctor. Did I mention my shirts barely cover my belly anymore?

Yesterday proved to be a much better day, but I started have miscellaneous aches and pains in my lower abdomen. Some making it hard to breath. Not contractions, I think it’s just a baby working her way further down towards her exit. The need to pee is certainly starting to become more urgent and uncomfortable.

Last night as I drifted in and out of sleep I had myself convinced that despite what the doctor had to say the baby was coming this weekend. I think this is the culmination of just not feeling well overall for the past 4 days. All a true sign that the end is near and soon the baby will be in our arms.

I will say that the nerves that have remained fairly hidden in regards to labor and birth are starting to appear as a result of these minor discomforts. So for instance, when my lower left abdomen hurt yesterday all I could think was “contractions are going to hurt a lot more than this… yikes!” I know I’ll be fine, and I just need to remember to breathe and go with the flow, by reality is sinking in fast.

Yesterday I caught Loki sleeping in the Caitlin’s crib. Of course I had just put the freshly washed sheets on the mattress on Wednesday. I somehow have to teach him that it is not a large kitty bed for him. That should be interesting. Fortunately all the cats are ignoring the bassinet in our room.

Next appointment is next Wednesday assuming she has not already made her exit. Our armoire is here and ready to be picked up this weekend. Yay! A place to put all her lovely clothes.

Oh my god…. we’re having a baby sometime very, very soon.