And I have at least another two to go according to the doctor. We had a check-up yesterday, my cervix is very closed and the baby is still way up there. And while I feel big, clumsy and tired, having another two weeks at minimum to wait is not bad. I’m told that 39 – 41 weeks is ideal, so knowing that Caitlin is not yet working her way out is good. I can deal with a few more weeks. Interesting dates to note:

If she were to come about a week early she has a chance of being born on Valentine’s day.
If she were born a day early that would be Andrea’s birthday.
Six days late is Jack’s birthday.
Exactly 2 weeks late is my birthday.

Regardless that’s a while lot of celebrating coming up!

This past weekend we did more preparation. The nursery is fully painted and the border is up. We just have some fairy appliques to apply to the walls now. I built the bassinet and the swing, they are too cute for words. A few days ago Jack assembled the travel system and we played with the car seat and stroller to make sure we understood how they work. This weekend will mean building the crib and probably purchasing the armoire and crib mattress (I have 2 15% off coupons i need to use by 2/3/08). Then I need to finish running through the list for any necessities we don’t already have.

Last weekend was also the last of our classes. Sunday was the longest day ever. We left the house around 10:30am and got home around 10pm. I was beyond exhausted. However I think we’ve now graduated ‘Baby U’ and our confidence is up. Bring on the baby!

And one last crazy thought for me… my last day of work will be 2/22/08 if the baby is still hanging out in the womb. Then I begin what will be at least 8 weeks off work. 8 weeks! I’ve not been off more than maybe 1 week in 7 years! The only exception was my trip to Australia almost 5 years ago and that was maybe 3 weeks off work. This is gonna be weird.