I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I’ll blame the holidays and work for my lack of time. Which is actually mostly true. The only other thing I’ve been doing is falling asleep on the couch which is also completely justifiable.

So where to start? How about Christmas Eve? Jack and I decided the best way to unwind would be a movie and dinner. Fortunately the Movie Tavern offers both at the same time! So we ventured out to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. What I wasn’t expecting was the rowdiness in my belly throughout the course of the movie. While Caitlin is typically active after dinner, this was beyond any amount of activity I’ve noticed before. We arrived at the theater, found seats, ordered food and drinks and the movie began (before our food arrived). As the movie began Caitlin started to move around a little. I know, I know, we’re hungry! The food arrived about 15 – 20 minutes into the movie and she was still dancing around. I ate, drank, and kept looking at my belly wondering what on earth was going on. She did gymnastics the entire time that the movie played and calmed down once it was over. Bizarre. My conclusion: She either really likes or dislikes the Chipmunks. I’m convinced that their high pitched voices and singing must have been what had her moving.

Then there was Christmas morning. I was sleeping very soundly through the night until about 4am. Did the typical “get up, pee, run back to bed”, but Caitlin decided it was time to be up for good. Eventually (4:30ish) she calmed down and I was able to sleep more. Then 5:30 rolled around, “Mommy, mommy, it’s Christmas! Let’s get up and open presents!” Seriously, she was in there doing somersaults again! I tried to ignore her and continue sleeping. This continued off an on until about 6:30am. Finally at 7am I just got up. While she may be in the womb I swear she was excited for Christmas.

We’ve also had a few doctor appointments since the last post; the most recent one was on 1/3/08. Everything is moving along as expected. My belly is measuring 33 inches just as it should be and her heartbeat is strong. Other than one scary night (weird mystery pain on 12/20/07 from 12:30am – 4:30am) all is seemingly perfect.

Yesterday started our birthing/parenting classes. We have one class that is 4 Sundays, one that is 2 Tuesdays, another Sunday class that meets just once and then another class to meet the doctors at the pediatrician office we chose. Phew! Yesterday’s class was the first of 4 birthing classes. While I knew much of what was being covered (hooray for books!), it was still interesting and nice to be in a room with about 12 other couples that were just as pregnant as we are. There were two parts of the class that I found the most interesting: 1) learning about the baby dropping and the different phases (measurements) used. 2) The relaxation techniques. It was like I was back in my yoga classes as the relaxation exercises were very similar. While we have a busy schedule this month, I’m really looking forward to the rest of our classes.

What else? Ummmm… we start prepping the nursery this week. Tomorrow I’m off work so we’ll buy the supplies and paint. I’ll help Jack prep the room and then he’ll take off on the painting. Once the paint dries I’ll be back in there to help with the border and faerie appliqués. Doctor appt on the 17th, baby shower on the 19th, another doctor appt on the 30th… almost there… is it February yet?

ps. No matter what Jack says I’m not painting a “Block O” on my belly for the football game tonight!