Quite possibly. I had ordered a sweater about a month ago from Gap Maternity online. It was very much marked a maternity sweater, even the label said so, but it came only down to my belly button! It was possibly the most ridiculous looking garment I’ve tried on in awhile. Rather than returning it via mail I decided to take it back to Baby Gap and make an exchange for a few clothes for the baby. Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!! This is what I left with… yes I spent more than my credit:

(Click to see larger versions on Flickr)

And of course here are the stuffed toys we’ve already purchased for her:
The frog makes a rattle noise when you shake him. I picked him up at Babies R’ Us as he was on our registry, but came across as in store only.

And a few other in store only items I just had to have…

And then a little hat from Target that was too cute and a little hat from the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas:

I swear that’s it for shopping until after the shower in January!

I also mentioned we received the border and decals for her room, here are pictures of what they look like prior to being put up. We probably won’t get to painting and decorating until January.

Fairies border
Fairies Wall stickers 2

And finally…. pictures of the first snow last week in our new place:
First SnowFirst Snow 2