Pictures to come, we just had our first snow of the winter. It probably started around midnight sometime and I believe tapered off in the past half hour. Needless to say traffic was a horrific mess this morning. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but we had an appt this morning. Our typical 20 minute drive to the doctor took an hour. Which all in all isn’t bad as it took some people 2 – 3 hours to get to work this morning.

The appt this morning went as expected:

– Blood pressure: excellent
– Glucose test: passed with flying colors
– Iron: not anemic, excellent!
– Belly measurement: perfect
– Baby’s heartbeat: 130 bpm, all good
– Weight… well… up another 5lbs. Oops! I swear I’m trying to be good. Guess I better get my butt on the stationary bike. I started at 174, I’m up at 199. I’ve heard that anything from 25 – 35lbs is OK. I guess since I’m already at 25lbs with 2 months to go my doctor wants me to be cautious, fair enough. Although every woman I talk to around here (the office) claims they gained 50lbs during pregnancy.

I got to feel where Caitlin’s head, back and butt are. Her head is nicely resting on my bladder. It apparently serves a dual purpose and she has acquired it as her personal pillow.

Our appts are now moving to every two weeks instead of once a month. Between now and the next appt we need to find a pediatrician. Luckily we have it narrowed down and just need to get in and meet the pediatrician to make sure we are all good with her. Beyond that we need to get an idea of what our birth plan is (and be realistic). From there it’s just a matter of getting the nursery together, taking our classes (which are all scheduled) and submitting my leave documents. I almost feel organized. I even already pre-registered for admission at the hospital (they recommended this).

Speaking of the nursery, the border and decals arrived in the mail. If we can get that room cleared out we should be able to paint and get that stuff up and on the walls well before she is born. I sure hope “she” doesn’t end up being a “he”!

Which also reminds me, I had a return to the Gap last week (maternity sweater gone bad) and decided to do an exchange at the Baby Gap. Talk about dangerous! I’ll upload pictures of what I exchanged for later. Cuteness in abundance.

Off to finish munching on my lovely lunch of salad and chicken. Yummy!