Yesterday was an odd one. I woke up at 7:30 hungry as ever. So I rolled out of bed, wandered downstairs and whipped myself up a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and a glass of milk. Pretty standard morning routine. Jack joined me around 9 and we watched the highlights from LSU’s massive loss before switching over to watch ‘Waiting for Guffman.’ At some point during the movie it occurred to me that I hadn’t really felt the baby move all morning. And as any mom would, I started to worry a little. I said nothing to Jack, just laid back on the couch and started pushing on my belly a little to see if I could feel the baby move. Nada. At this point I spoke up and made some comment to Jack about how I hadn’t really felt her move, but that I was sure it was nothing.

Around 10:30 I went upstairs to shower, chalking my worrying up to paranoia. Wrapped up my shower, got dressed and realized I was cramping up in my lower abdomen. Odd, menstrual cramps during pregnancy? I left my hair to air dry and went back downstairs to lay down on the couch and rest. The cramps continued, I still hadn’t felt the baby and then I truly began to worry. Was it my imagination? Then it occurred to me that at a little past 27 weeks it could very well be Braxton Hicks contractions. Oh Joy!

So there I remained, on my side, on the couch with my laptop googling every rendition of Braxton Hicks to determine what was up. Apparently Caitlin didn’t like it either as she started moving around quite a bit. Thank goodness for that, mild relief. And as far as I can tell, Braxton Hicks was exactly what I was experiencing. Mild cramps that seemed to get stronger and weaker and didn’t last that long, but seemed to occur over the course of maybe an hour. They didn’t really hurt, but were uncomfortable and irritating. Ugh. I downed a ton of water, as that is supposed to help and then took the rest of the day easy.

Once again, reality set in. The baby is going to be here sooner than later! I have 87 days until my due date and the “practice” contractions were one more kick in the butt bringing that into reality.

My next appointment is 2 weeks away. I plan to discuss leave time and start to get that settled. Granted it will be hard to really nail down when I go out until closer to the due date, but I can at least get an idea of what my doctor typically advises. Short term disability only pays out for 6 weeks of leave (8 weeks if C-Section) and I can use vacation time for the required week unpaid before that kicks in. So I know for sure I can get 7 weeks covered, although short-term disability only pays at 66.7% of my income. Guess I better start saving all my pennies! I must admit, though, that I feel almost like I’m penalized for being out to give birth and have time with our baby. I’d really hoped to go out on Feb 1 so I can rest and mentally prepare prior to her arrival and then have a good 8 weeks to spend with her once she was born. I had honestly hoped that short-term disability would cover 8 and not 6 weeks. What can you do? I’ll get it all figured out. Which means probably working up until I’m about to pop.

The good news is that on Tuesday I’m meeting with someone that has used the Quest maternity leave policy twice in the past couple years. I’m hoping for some really good advice from her.

Alright, I better get back to laundry. We have a new bed coming on Tuesday (woo! King size bed!) and I need to get the new sheets washed and ready while I have time.

Love to All!