Over the weekend we registered away. Everything is fairly up to date with probably just a few more things to add. We registered at Babies R’ Us and The Land of Nod. See the links off to the side there šŸ™‚ We also registered at Amazon.com for books (and admittedly a few cool diaper bags) as it was one stop shopping for all the books we loved when we were little. We can be found on any of the sites under Jack DeVoss or Elizabeth DeVoss.

The only difficulty with registering at Babies R’ Us was that we scanned a ton of cute clothes for newborns and 3 – 6 month olds, however they all came up as in store only. Bummer. So if you plan to buy us baby clothes don’t worry if it’s not on our list. I tried to add some to the list, but I was underwhelmed by what is available online. Some of the baby toys ended up having that same problem. Oh well, what can you do?

So there you have it. We got off our butts and registered. Rumor is the date is being set for our shower in late January very soon. I can’t wait for the shower šŸ™‚

Love to all!