Football reigned supreme Friday and Saturday. Really in Columbus the last game of the season against Michigan should just be declared a holiday and everyone should take the Friday prior off. Of course as I’ve been here almost 2 years now I’ve imbibed in the Kool-Aid:

Or maybe it was the sugar cookies (note the scarlet and gray sprinkles):

Being one that can’t just sit idle much, I managed to finish the baby kimono I was making while watching the game (with the exception of sewing it up and adding some ribbon):

And because I’ve not posted a picture yet, here is the baby blanket I made (super soft and fuzzy!) along with the Steiff Teddy Bear that we bought for Caitlin in Vegas:

And now it’s time to shower and get out butts over to Babies R’ Us. Today we’re going to attempt to register. Woo!!!