May I present to you, Mr & Mrs. DeVoss!


It was a hectic few days in Vegas, but everything seemed to go mostly according to plan. We were married, I bought a super soft Steiff teddy bear for Caitlin and we ate a lot of cupcakes. All in all a good, albeit different, Vegas trip. As I receive pictures I will upload them to my Flickr account. The pictures up right now are not the high res pictures, but I am assured those will be on their way to me sooner than later (so if you plan to order anything, wait until I mention the high res pics are up). There will also be professional pictures on the Chapel’s website soon, details to follow.

Yesterday was more excitement as we started off the day with our scheduled trip to the doctor for our monthly check-up. Everything seems to be moving along as it should be. The highlight of the visit was the swift (and incredibly hard) kick Caitlin gave me while we were attempting to listen to her heartbeat. I was kicked hard twice, but the first one was more surprising. She’s a feisty one! I swear that had anyone been looking where she kicked we would have seen a foot. I’m positive that I’m bruised on the inside. Anyway, her heart was beating at 150 bpm which is perfect. Next appointment is the glucose (sugar) test, ick. Then we move to bi-weekly appointments vs. monthly appointments. Yikes, that means she’s coming sooner than later! We better finish unpacking and start getting that nursery ready.

We left the doctor’s office and proceeded to Borders where we made a list of books and authors that we need to add to our registry as we begin the process. Our child will have a lot of books. I guess I better look for bookshelves too. We also went to Baby’s R Us and wandered around for probably an hour. We didn’t get the laser gun and zap anything yet, but we did decide on a crib and bedroom set. I added the dresser and armoire to our registry online as Pat (Grandma DeVoss) will be purchasing the crib. I promise the cheaper items will be up sooner than later. We’re also going to register for a few things at The Land of Nod (we’ve selected a few there already too). I’m hoping to get the registries mostly up to date by Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, the registry at both sites is under Elizabeth or Jack DeVoss.

Today I’m going to run by Home Depot for paint swatches for Caitlin’s room. I have an idea in my head that I do not think will be too hard to execute on. I’ll say for now it involves purple and green with fairies 🙂 Oh, and poor Nick and Andrea may get roped in to helping paint… but I pay in pizza and beer!

Alright, Caitlin is stepping on my bladder again so I need to run…

edited to add, wedding pics are up on the chapel’s site! wedding pictures