Caitlin was feisty as ever this weekend. There is no doubt about it now when I feel her move. While I was trying to unpack and get things done around the house she was calm as could be. There must be some truth in the fact that my movement lulls her to sleep. Yet every time I sat down to rest, knit a little, catch my breath, etc, she would start kicking/punching away!

Saturday evening was a loud one as we went to a hockey game. When we came home she was moving and shaking as she was all weekend. I placed Jack’s hand on my tummy and he felt her move for the first time. His reaction was something to the affect of “That was weird!” Yeah! I know! I feel it inside me quite often right now. I’m getting used to it, though. Then again, I think she’s the reason I didn’t sleep well last night.

The wedding is exactly one week off. All the plans have fallen into place and seemingly everything should run smoothly. All I have left to resolve is my something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I think the garter is provided by the chapel, but I may need to venture out and find a cute one… just in case.

Once we get back from Vegas we’ll finally register for all that baby stuff. Previously we had thought we might do it this past weekend, but we needed to wrap up moving bits and pieces out of storage and my old place. I’m excited to register, but it seems overwhelming. So many options, so much stuff. We’ll need to browse through all the differing checklists to determine what we truly need. Sure, we’ll include “nice to have” items, but I want to make sure the basics are covered.

And back to the Monday morning grind I go…

ps. Hopefully I’ll get the scanner set up this week and finally get the last ultrasound picture posted. And for those of you looking for belly pics, better take some in Vegas! I’ve not had time to think about it.