Today we had our second ultrasound. Two arms, two legs, heart had all four chambers and was beating, the stomach was a black spot as was the liver… all was very normal. Of course she continued to squirm around in an attempt to be difficult. Oh wait a minute! Did I say she??? Indeed I did. With a high percent of certainty (but no guarantee) it appears the baby is a girl. If there is a penis it is very small and wasn’t showing itself. The doctor cautioned us that if anything pink is received we should keep the tags on in case returns are needed. Fair enough.

We do have another ultrasound photo to share, but it may be a week or so. The other big news of the day is that I closed on our town house this morning. Let the moving begin! Unfortunately we will be without internet access at the new place for maybe the next 10 days. Once we are back online at home I’ll hook up the scanner and upload the pictures of Caitlin. Our little baby girl 🙂

All around big day here. I guess we know how to celebrate Columbus Day.

And with that this exhausted pregnant lady is going to bed soon. All this packing is making me sleeping.