Today I am wearing maternity pants for the first time. I had to leave my jeans behind. They are tight around the belly and uncomfortable anymore. I’m all about comfort these days. Yet the maternity pants still try to slide down. I’m in-between maternity and normal sizes it would seem. Fun! I suspect that will change sooner than later. For now I will continue walking around constantly pulling my pants up.

I’m also wearing a maternity shirt that does not look like a maternity shirt, at least not to me. It’s just extra stretchy and longer than usual. Either way, I’m starting to look more pregnant and less fat. This is pretty awesome news in and of itself. Although I still can’t believe I am wearing maternity clothes head to toe.

I keep thinking that maybe I can feel the baby moving. Yet not knowing really what it feels like I can’t tell if it’s the baby, gas bubbles, digestion, etc. Rumor is in another week or two I’ll definitely know it’s the baby.

Not much else to write about right now. Work is crazy busy with quarter end, trying to coast through. Then it is baby appt on the 8th, hopefully closing on the town house/moving soon thereafter and then off to Vegas for our wedding on Nov 5th. Somewhere in there we’ll start our baby registry too.

Speaking of the wedding, my dress shipped yesterday. Fingers crossed that I got my measurements right and it fits!