Last night I thought I felt a movement. I can’t be certain, though, as I have no idea what it should feel like beyond the generic “fluttering” description.

I was in bed, lights out, slowly falling asleep and focused on my lower abdomen to see if there seemed to be any motion. I know they say you typically begin to feel the baby at 18 – 20 weeks, but I’m ready now! And at 16 weeks it’s not completely unheard of.

Higher up I felt my dinner from a few hours earlier still digesting, but then I felt something lower, below my belly button. No, it wasn’t gas. Of that I’m certain; it wasn’t in the right place for that. The feeling came and went before I really realized it and I almost started crying (out of happiness of course). Then I immediately started to doubt what I felt and kept thinking there was no way it was the baby. However part of me thinks it probably was.

So that’s my update. I think I felt the baby move, but I can’t be sure. I can promise you that I will be paying more attention now for movement.

And pictures of the onesies we purchased up in Cleveland mentioned in a previous post. We bought the dad one in white and the mom one in black:
My Dad Rocks!My Mom Rocks!