Life has been crazy hectic. I won’t bore you with the drama. It will suffice to say that Pixel ended in the vet multiple times in the past two weeks and there has been some drama with the new house and getting the wedding dinner arranged. That said I am confident everything will work itself out and I am trying to de-stressing myself.

Last weekend involved looking around at maternity clothes. I made the trip to the mall no one shops at (Polaris) as they have several maternity shops and The Gap there carries maternity clothes. Well, The Gap was as far as I made it as they had many cute tops and tops are what I need at this point. Of course they were all fall clothes and with the weather being 90+ degrees and humid it was hard to buy them, but I bought 4 tops and a cardigan anyway. It will cool off in the next several weeks as we head into September towards October and I’ll be glad I have them. The pants, on the other hand, are a no go right now. I am still not round enough for them (which I knew) so they don’t fit. It was kind of cool, though, trying on a size smaller than I normally wear and still having them be too big.

I actually did try checking out the maternity clothes at Old Navy, but they were too frumpy for me. Maybe I’m picky, but I figure a few nice things for work and a few comfy things (sweats, yoga pants and tank tops) for home and I’ll be set. No room for frumpy.

What else? I’m signing up for prenatal yoga classes. They start on 9/26/07 and they just opened a classroom in the Dublin area. Yay! This means no hauling myself down to the Short North (20 minutes) for classes. The class is 90 minutes every Thursday night through the beginning of December. I can’t wait. I loved yoga when I took it last summer and look forward to doing it again. I’m sure my stress levels and Switchy will thank me.

I know I still owe pictures. I’ll try and get a recent belly picture up this week. I feel like I’m getting huge, but I know I’m still not obviously pregnant. I’m told that sometime in the next 4 weeks I will really start to actually show. I can’t wait. I would like to look pregnant and not just feel fat 