It’s been a busy couple of weeks. The past weekend was a long one spent in San Diego with my closest friends (Kerry and Bishop), Jack and Nick. Good times were had by all and I have pictures to prove it.

I was concerned about flying and feeling sick. The trip out was highly uneventful thanks to a big breakfast full of all the right vitamins. When we arrived we picked up our car and discovered we had a convertible (apparently Jack worked some upgrade magic). Of course the 20 minute drive with the top down proved burn worthy to Nick and I. Pregnant sensitive skin + California sun – sunscreen is a recipe for a sunburn in no time flat.

The highlight: I got to eat all the foods I missed while I was there (mmmmm…. cream cheese wontons… carne asada… In N’ Out…). Who other than a crazy pregnant lady would schedule the trip around the food she misses?

We also spent a ton of time walking. I think I made up for not exercising since becoming pregnant. We walked all over Comicon on Friday and then went down to the Midway on Saturday for even more walking. Sunday was spent seeing the Simpsons movie and hanging in/by the pool. Pools are quite awesome when pregnant, very comforting… until someone tries to pick you up and throw you across said pool.

Time for pictures, Switchy is present in all the pictures I’m in, you just can’t see him/her yet 😉

I haven’t had time to link them all, so check them out on Flickr: