Today I went out to buy some photo albums. When I arrived at the shop of choice I noticed a Babies R’ Us next door. Obviously not being of sound mind I thought I would wander in. Sensory overload. I thought I would browse, get an idea of what was out there and soon came to realize that walking through an area that has 50 strollers to select from or 30 play pens was just a bit much for me today. I did see some nursery furniture that I really liked, but at that point I was ready to go buy my photo albums next door and go home.

I think it will be easier to walk in to such a place next time when I a) hopefully know the sex of the baby and b) hopefully have Jack with me. Registering will be fun (when it comes time), but I was not ready for a wall of bottles and bibs. Although I did have to stop myself from buying a bib that said “Future Rock Star” across the front.

For now I will stick to finally putting photos from 1990 into an album and pretending I am getting organized prior to moving and having the baby.