Does that even seem possible? Monday and Tuesday I woke up feeling like my stomach was eating itself. I woke up absolutely ravenous and eyeing Pixel like he was probably my best option for breakfast. Fortunately for him I reached for the almonds on my bedside table to tide me over until I made my way down to the kitchen. After a breakfast inclusive of cereal, yogurt, orange juice and a granola bar I found that my stomach seemed pleased. Of course this only lasts about an hour, 90 minutes tops, at a time and then I need to eat again. Little Switchy is hungry!

Anyway, Monday and Tuesday started off rocky with hunger, but once I got past breakfast I was feeling pretty good (for a pregnant lady) the remainder of the day. As long as I kept food in my stomach the nausea stayed mostly at bay and I felt almost normal. This is a great feeling. I’ve had a little more energy and as a result Jack continues to look at me like I’ve finally lost my mind completely. Of course this may be true.

Today is starting off in a similar fashion. I’m hoping it’s another decent day. Luckily it is only a half day at work, I’m taking the afternoon off to relax and head out to my “8 weeks” doctor exam. That’s right, today is 8 weeks! Which means I’ve known for 4. I can’t believe it’s been a month already. I hope the next 4 weeks speed on by, the second trimester sounds so much better than the first!