Hi. It’s Jack. I’m the dad/person to blame.

Anyway, unlike Liz, I have not been having dizzy spells, all that much trouble sleeping, staying awake, weird cravings, nonstop hunger, and sudden intense odor discoveries.


So far, there hasn’t really been a lot for me to do. I have sort of been on “Def Con 3” waiting for the time when there is some task set before me to accomplish, but aside from moral support – the first trimester doesn’t seem to have any huge physical obstacles in it for the male.

I have been changing a lot of cat litter.

But, let me tell you, it has been quite a ride so far. I never for once thought I would ever be next to someone, who in the middle of the night suddenly woke up, began eating almonds, then went right back to sleep.

I should go. The cat litter needs changed.