I know being dizzy is a common symptom, but it is sometimes so bad in the morning I have a hard time getting anything done (like getting ready for work). However I think now I know why I have it so bad, I found this info on line:

Dizziness is also caused by low blood sugar levels that may occur as your body adapts to changes in your metabolism. Women who are anemic or who have varicose veins may be more susceptible to dizziness than others.

Oh yeah, I think historically I am the queen of anemia. I’ll be curious to see what my blood tests report while at the doctor next week. Although I took those tests a little over a week ago when my food aversions weren’t so bad and I was still eating red meat. Red meat has worked it’s way out of my diet since all food started looking digusting. Hmm, I think I’ll ask about iron pills next week too.

I have some pictures for later! If I’m not too lazy to get them off my camera.