Today I took a different approach to preparing for my day. I woke up in for my nightly bathroom trip and was reminded that I needed to eat a few crackers. This was one trick I learned from reading yesterday. Let me tell you, standing in the dark eating crackers at 3am is weird. Especially when you’re not supposed to drink when you eat. How the hell do you eat crackers without a drink? So I cheated and had a little water to help get them down. Back to bed I went.

At 6am the alarm went off. I laid there for a moment before breaking into the almonds. 1…2…3…4 down the hatch. I waited for the nausea to come, nothing. I stayed in bed until 6:30 and munched on a few more. I got up and showered, a bit dizzy, but not sick. I dried my hair and ate more almonds. I can’t believe this is actually working!

I made my lunch and headed off to work. I brought a little OJ with me and I was scared to drink it. I took a few sips, all seemed OK. I took a few more and noticed my dizziness disappearing. I guess I needed a little sugar in my blood. I escaped morning sickness and cured my dizziness! Score 2- Liz, 0- Pregnancy. After munching on apples and peanut butter I feel great. I’m still hungry, but taking it slow. I’ll get this figured out yet 

Granted, I’ve not yet had my pre-natal vitamin for the day. I’ve decided to start taking that at 5pm so that if it decides it’s taking me down at least I’m home and close to my bed.

So yeah, a MUCH better day than yesterday. Yay!