At least the nausea portion. Oh my. I was doing great this morning too. I’d slept 9 – 10 hours last night, woke up feeling OK, showered, went downstairs to get some cereal (dry because I’m out of milk), came back up to dry my hair while eating said cereal and *BAM*! Nausea hits and I’m on the floor in the fetal position trying to decide just how much I wanted to puke. I didn’t and I can’t decide if that’s good or bad.

I knew this was coming, I had a bit of it yesterday too, but I chalked it up to lack of sleep. Some minor bouts over the weekend also, but I blamed my new found food aversion. All food for the most part is grossing me out right now.

So now here I am at work, nibbling on almonds, praying the sickness I feel in my belly subsides. Once I finish the almonds I have Ritz crackers to tide me over until lunchtime.

If anyone has other ideas that will help me curb morning sickness, please do share. I know small meals, plain food, not drinking when I eat, etc. I saw an ad for B6 lollipops. I may need to give those a try.

On the plus side, as much as I didn’t want morning sickness, it is the sign of a healthy pregnancy. That is a very happy thing. I feel bad for Jack because I haven’t felt very good since we discovered I’m pregnant, but I guess that’s how pregnancy goes. Rumor is it gets better after the first trimester. I can’t wait!