I started this blog so I would have a place to write about my journey to pregnancy and the interesting tales that come with being pregnant.

Jack will be joining me here to counter-blog. He will be able to call me out on my tall tales or agree whole heartedly that indeed pregnant women are moody. Of course I’ll be able to respond accordingly.

And if you have sensitive eyes, be wary of TMI (too much information). I’ll avoid too much detail for the most part initially.

And off we go…

Today is seemingly the unofficial start to the journey. Sure, I went off the pill at the end of my last cycle a few weeks ago. Yes, I’ve already had my first ovulation and we decided to give it a go although we both are confident it will not result in me becoming pregnant (but we sure had fun trying!) So why is today the start? I have my first doctor appointment this afternoon to discuss needs, risks, preparing, etc. For some reason that makes it all the more official in my mind. There is no doubt at this point that we are officially trying.

I’m sure the doctor won’t tell me anything I haven’t already read: eat healthier, make sure to get exercise, quit drinking, essentially exchanging bad habits for good ones. These are changes I’m already in process of making. I’m sure she’ll talk about the whole age thing too. Of course I am aware of the risks as I approach 35, but hopefully a healthier lifestyle will cut back the risk factor. More than anything I need the peace of mind knowing that all the procedures on my cervix in the past 6 years won’t hinder me. When I last saw her she said all looked excellent, but I wasn’t planning a family at that time. Fingers crossed I get the same response today when the topic at hand is pregnancy.